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Dingwall BID

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What is a BID?

About the BID Initiative in Scotland

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‘Dingwall Means Business’ and we have a vision to make sure we maximise this opportunity and that OUR town has a plan and is ready for the future based on Dingwall’s economy.

A Business Improvement District is being established.

BID’s are a business led initiative funded by the businesses within it to sustainably deliver a variety of agreed projects and services that will improve the local economy. We will develop a 5 year business plan that is specific to Dingwall and this includes projects that have been initiated from consultation and surveys within our town centre. Any project put forward would always be over and above any statutory service provided by the local authority. All  businesses will vote and if a majority agree then a BID will be put in place and run by a Board of Directors compiled entirely from businesses within the BID area.


BID’s in Scotland Video


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