BID work in Progress

Businesses in Dingwall are being given the opportunity to join a growing national and international movement aimed at improving towns and cities.

Managed by businesses, BIDs benefit, support and advance the local commercial environment.

Following the success of BIDs in other parts of Scotland, a Steering Group has been established to promote the introduction of a Business Improvement District (BID) for Dingwall.
Every Business and non-domestic rate payer within the Dingwall catchment area will be able to influence a future Dingwall BID, by helping to choose the type of projects and services you would like to see delivered in the town.
‘Look out for the Dingwall Business Survey’
Your feedback at this early stage is very important to enable the BID Steering Group to understand your priorities.
All information gathered will be treated confidentially and used solely to develop a BID Business Plan for Dingwall. Each business within the BID area will have the opportunity to vote on the plan in a ballot in early 2019. The BID will only be successful if sufficient businesses vote in favour of the Plan.
If you would like any early information, please contact George Murray, Dingwall BID Co-ordinator on 07706 881 264 or email

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