Whats the Cost?

One of the most common questions we are asked is

“how much will BID cost my business?”

and the answer is


The Dingwall Means Business steering group decided to use a banding system based on the rateable value of the property to make the payments as fair as possible. The very smallest businesses will not pay anything at all.
If your business does not have a rateable value, then you would not be liable to pay anything.

However, if you have a rateable value but you don’t pay currently due to the small business rebate, you will still be liable to pay the BID levy.

So, with the average payment being less than £500, this would mean the collective pot would approximately be approx. £119,000 pa over next 5 years.

This money would be used to invest in, shout about and stand up for Dingwall. A BID Manager would be employed to implement the business plan. In addition be expected to use the pot to source and match fund the projects, making the eventual total much larger, if not double.
The BID steering group and supporters believe that their contribution to the fund would be reasonable and worth it especially as the cost for most is no more than the price of a 15x4 advert in the Ross-Shire Journal.

Please see the table below for the amount you would be liable to pay:

Select your banding level from the Min. to Max. NDRV Column to see where your Business fits in.


It is expected to hold a Ballot on 31st October 2019 and this page will always be updated with any changes prior to this date.